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Hugh ([personal profile] metahemeralist) wrote2017-04-16 09:18 pm
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Alright, no, but for real.

There are rumblings of indeedsir moving to Dreamwidth, and since I have no interest in contributing to the LJ community with my shitty old blog, I've made a shiny new one here in the hopes that they finally leave the Russians behind.

It's weird, going back to an LJ clone after two or three years of Tumblr. Immediately, without even thinking about it, I'm back to typing in proper English, which is something I haven't done in... a while, haha. I'm not sure whether I'll use this much at all, since it's rare that I'm focused enough to vomit out something that merits multiple paragraphs and a cut and so on. But here we are, in any case. Ta-ta!
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[personal profile] crispfencer 2017-04-18 06:56 pm (UTC)(link)
I can relate! On Tumblr, I suppose my standards are set a lot lower in terms of quality of spelling and grammar. I guess we treat it a lot more casually, like Twitter or something, but I don't know.

Yes, it seems everyone is slowly migrating to Dreamwidth and away from the shitstorm that is LJ today. Here's hoping to many new users and communities!